Thursday, January 26, 2006

In the mail and on the shelf

i had finished a post, and blogger went off-line. so I copy my post --
--- and then accidentally deleted it!
Luckily I was just going to talk about today's mail!

In the mail, I got an 1849 booklet telling me about Scripture Doctrine (by Rev. S.B. Smith)
the ads for the other books look interesting...
the current newsletter of the NEW MASSACHUSETTS UNIVERSALIST CONVENTION - with a reminder of the Universalist Convocation in May in Mississippi; and a plan for an Universalist heritage Corridor in Winchester NH.
a 1871 Universalist Register and Almanac, where Father Clayton admits he hasnt done much preaching in Columbia or SC, but would try in the winter (of 1870-1).
and I got an email from Clayton's great great granddaugther-in-law wondering why I hadnt written recently (i know the family genealogy!)

Earlier this week, while trying to do some basic research on the Jordan Community House, I was irratated at the numerous differing years of start, founding, and ending of UUA support that I found. Then looking for something else in the second volume of THE LARGER HOPE, I found a good chapter on this mission; and a good section on FRIENDLY HOUSE, and a good section on the joys and concerns of the relationship between the UUAW and NC.
How had I not remembered all this? Why isnt this book in print?

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