Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1937 Southern Young People's Conference

christian leader august 28, 1937

"Southern Religious Liberal Young People's Federation" met July 23-15, 1937

hosted by the members of the YPCU at Burruss Memorial Universalist Church near Ellisville Mississippi.

Kentucky 1
North Carolina: 6
Georgia: 21
Alabama: 15
Louisiana: 1
Florida: 1
Mississippi: from Burruss and 2 from Our Home Universalist Church near Laurel.

Miss Juddye Bowers, granddaughter of John M. Bowers was president of the SRLYPF
Charles Herrington was president of the Burruss YPCU.

speakers included: Rev Leonard C. Prater, superintendent of Georgia
Rev. Thomas Chapman, minister of Burruss
Rev. Charles G. Girelius, minister of the Unitarian chruch of New Orleans
Dr. Lyman Ward, president of the Southern Industrial Institute of Camp Hill, Alabama
Rev. George C. Boorn, "in charge" of Friendly House, Canton , NC

new officers for next year include (1937-8)
J. Andrew Frazier, Cover Creek, NC president
Eugene Luening, Lousville, Ky vice president
Juddye Bowers, Cannon, Ga, secretary
Rufus McCall, Pensacola, Fl treasurer
Oleta Grantham, Ellisville, Ms board
James Guffin, Winder, Ga board

Dr Ward hopes to have the 1938 conference at Camp Hill.

2006 note: this was both Universalist and Unitarian youth


boyinthebands said...

Juddye is a member at the Canon church, and she always enjoyed talking about her church youth experiences. I imagine she'd welcome a correspondence, c/o the church PO Box 185, Canon, Ga. 30520.

Steven R said...

Thanks, I may do that - I think she has a different last name (which Ive googled) , but I guess everyone would know who she was if I use that name?
Should I tell her you sent me?