Thursday, January 12, 2006

"peace church"

I quoted the below on the UUHS mailing list, and rather than lose it, thought I would copy it here.
I note however, that while the Universalists were never a "peace church" and the Unitarians never even came close, the Unitarian Universalists are indeed coming close to it. Not sure if that is good or bad - but for this blogsake, it puts us closer to the southern Universalist roots of German Baptist Brethren and Society of Friends - which are historic "peace churches"

the below is taken from the 1959 version AND THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF from the appendix - no index

1790 Universalist Convention
OF WAR. ---Although a defensive war may be considered lawful, yet we believe there is a time coming, when the light and universal law of the gospel, shall put an end to all wars. We recommend, therefore, to all churches in our communion, to cultivate the spirit of peace and brotherly love, which shall lead them to consider all mankind as brethren, and to strive to spred among them the knowledge of their Saviour and 'Redeemer, who came into the world "not to destroy men's lives, but to save them."

1917 report of the National Social Service Commission of the Universalist Church. "War is brutalizing, wasteful, and ineffective, We therefore pledge ourselves to work for the organization and federation of the world, that peace may be secured at the earliest possible date consistent with justice for all.

the 1931 Universalist General Convention" whereas the General Convention of the Universalist church in 1925 recognized the right of members of this church to refuse on conscientious grounds to participate in any warfare as being in accord with our fundamental principles,..."
"... Members of this Convention are granted the right to interpret the spiritual authority and leadership of Jesus as meaning the supremacy of Christian conscience and the refusal of military service at any time on consicientious grounds."

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