Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the sick and the Holy

I've been sick these last few days, so Ive spent the last few days reading and thinking in a fog.... One really shouldnt read religious books when one's brain is foggy, so Ive been reading books about religion instead... (add grin here) SECRETS OF THE BIBLE (2004) Archeology Magazine - quotes Mark Chancey, an archelogist about an unhistoric alleged Biblical site in Israel "legitimate religious phenomenon" "creation of sacred space by regarding some place as holy and by allowing people to connect with what they see as holy." This explains my visiting historic Universalist churches, and why I dont want them to be destroyed..... they're holy to me! I see the connection between the past and present. - Ive stood on the spot where Winchester stood, Ive traveled the same roads as Clayton .

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Paul said...

I am just beginning Thoreau's "Letters To A Spiritual Seeker". I think that it will be a good tome !