Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liberty Universalist, Feasterville, SC - google street view

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No, you can't see it from the Street. You can see the sign - which is what you see here. Across the street you can see the historic marker for the Feasterville Academy. Both the Church and Academy buildings still exist . If you get out of your car and go down the road a little bit, you pass a home, and then you reach the clearing where the Church is, with "no trespassing" signs there. Please respect them and the family association that owns the buildings.
Liberty was used as an Universalist Church building from the 1840s to around the 1930s. Copies of the Myrtle - a children's Universalist Sunday School paper of the 1920s were in the building when I visited. I hear of services in the 1950s, I know it was used for weddings in the 1950s. This is the mother church of the SC, Georgia, Alabama, and continued west southern Universalist Churches.

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