Sunday, February 22, 2009

former home of Universalist Church, Brewton, Alabama: Google Street View

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at one time one of the largest Universalist congregations in the south, with a popular radio show "The Universalist Hour" in the 1950s, the congregation ended sometime in the late 1980s.

Cornerstone Community Church occupied the building at least from 2005 -2009+ and I wouldn't be surprised from the 1990s on (Cornerstone was founded in 1987). Cornerstone appears to be affiliated with one of the Church of God denominations. (I'd be glad to make corrections, if anyone from Cornerstone reads this).
Again the Google Street address is not the real address of this building.


Jim Nugent, UUHS said...

From the June 1951 issue of "The State Messenger of the Illinois Universalist Convention"

Dr. William J. Arms, minister of the Universalist Church in Peoria and State Superintendent, has resigned to accept a call to the Universalist Church in Brewton, Alabama. Dr. and Mrs. Arms will leave Illinois about the middle of July. Dr. Arms is president of the National Universalist Ministerial Association.

Rev. Richard Knost, Now in Brewton, will become the minister of the church in Peoria in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Richard Knost, onetime minisyer in Brewton, was one of the designers of the "off-center cross" symbol which was first used in 1946 and the following year was adopted by the Massachusetts Universalist Convention as symbolic of Universalism.

Richard Trudeau
Univeralist Convocations