Friday, February 15, 2008

Dorothy H. Rowe, July 8 1926 to Feb 15, 2008

"If it were left up to us, without doubt we should so order our life on earth that it would be all glad and beautiful, bright skies and a green earth, waving forests, and running streams, and lovely landscapes. No clouds should come between us and the sun, no storms should weep over our path; no disappointments nor griefs should come to us; and sickness and death, and the lone household and the long-sorrowing heart, should be strangers to us and to ours. And so life should be to us a pleasant and merry holiday; and we, like the butterfly or the hummingbird, with bright plumage flashing in the sun, would go dancing from flower to flower, stopping only long enough to gather the honey, and rejoice in the beauty that welcomed us from all sides.
"So should we make life, if God would yield to our vain prayers, and suffer our will to be done."
-Thomas Baldwin Thayer, 1864, Over the River, or Pleasant Walks into the Valley of Shadows

"In an hour like this, nothing can take the place of the outstretched hands of human sympathy and understanding, the spoken or the silent assurance given by friends - "We have walked this way of sorrow also in times past and tasted its bitterness and sense of loss. We stand ready to help you through your valley of sorrow until that time comes when you emerge again into the light, and to continually assure you that you do not walk alone."
- Alfred S. Cole

"Love Never Fails"

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