Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plans for the blog.....

Ok, it's been a bit quiet on the old southern Univeralist history blog.....
-those changes that life brings has a tendency to do what it says: change things.

But I plan to get back to this blog on a regular basis, the story of Universalism in the south still has a lot left to tell. And no doubt, a lot left for me to learn.

Some of the stuff I may never learn, such as why did Clayton not mention Simons in his autobiography? Was it non-Church Politics or doctrine? Will I learn more about Rev Laura Simons - what happened to her? When did the church in Charleston SC actually stop having services?

What Ive done recently is give a sermon at both Outlaw's Bridge and All Souls Waccamaw. On Easter Sunday I went to Clayton Memorial in Newberry, and then went to Lynch's Woods, a nature perserve- formerly the property of Rev Lynch (Linch), the SC Minister who formerly hooked his Church up with the Universalist association in New England. His children went west founding early Universalists churches in Georgia, Florida, and west. Walking on this land helps me literally see some of what they saw.
I also got some new books, which I need to read....

the plans for this blog remain that at some point, I will start up a website and start removing material to make for an easier way to find that material. Today, I decided to once again remove Kentucky from the South, because it remains more in character for the Ohio River valley area - I reserve the right to wonder what in the world I was thinking of, and thereby possibly in the future putting Kentucky and West Virginia back in the south..... Hey, isnt it great to have the power to move the states around at whim?????

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cdmhogan said...

KY Universalist Convention: Rasnake, 1907-09; Chapman, 1916-1922, Bodell, 1935-1941.

KY is sort of an "Orphan State", isn't it?

There's 3 buildings still standing that Rasnake, Chapman and Bodell waxed eloquent in, 2 abandoned, Beulah and Good Hope, and I fear Hopkinsville will soon join them. It is 45 miles from my house, and after 15 years of attendance, I've slowly withdrawn, and it's wobbling along!

There's no Ohio Valley Universalist History interest, and if your blog abandons KY, it will certainly continue it's slide into oblivion! There are fourteen photos of Universalist ministers who served the KY Convention on display in the Hopkinsville church, but how long they'll survive is problematical. I have photocopies, but the originals are there in a broken frame as of last year.