Thursday, February 14, 2008

Southern Universalist Historical Fiction -

Frankly there isn't much Southern Universalist Historical Fiction - at least that I know of.
But there is one, and now you can read it for free!

The Mockingbird's Ballad
Doak Mansfield

Now I own a copy, liked it enough to give it a good review on Amazon -
and I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from going out and buying a copy.
but you can read it for free on the first link

Free Reading site

(i have the Amazon site linked on the second, but if you go through the Amazon links on the
Universalist National Memorial Church or the, or some other charitable group, then those groups get a couple cents from Amazon for the referral).


I met the author the year after I reviewed the book, and was glad to have him sign my copy- and he's pictured here in this blog (from where he spoke at the 2006 Universalist Convocation) - I'm waiting for his next book - I sure hope he's writing one!

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