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Star In the West: April 1843

Star In the West and Glad Tidings
volume 6 #1 (April 15, 1843) old series volume 14
Cincinnati Ohio, John A. Gurley, editor; E. M. Pingree, associate editor

Lynchburg, Virginia
The Universalists in this place are building a meetinghouse, 40 X 60 feet. It will be ready to dedicate in two or three months. Our cause is reprented as being remarkably prosperous in Lynchburg.

More Laborers In Kentucky
the "Register" for 1843, gives the names of 4 Preachers in Kentucky, and says there are five societies in the State. One of the Preachers - Br. Dean- has removed to Illinois; - the names of the other three are not familiar to us nor do I know in what part of the State they are, or whether they are living and preaching, or not. --
As for societies, I know of only tow-- one in Louisville and the other in Warsaw. Probably the other Societies and Preachers are in the Southern portion of the State.
I have just seen a letter from Wm Bates, Esq. P. M. at Wilkes Creek, Butler Co., Ky to Br. Chapin, of this City, in which the names of two young men are given as having recently commenced preaching the "Gospel of Salvation": with good success - John S. Phelps and R. J. L. Phelps.

Br. Pingree's Residence in Louisville - Is on the west side of Brook Street between Main and Market, 1st brick house North of Market. He may be found by inquiry at Gad Chapin's store, corner of 8th and Market, or at Asa Wood's Shoe Store, on Main a few door below Fourth.
The above directions are given here, so that my friends in the neighborhood, and those passing up or down the River, and calling at Louisville, may ready find me; as I shall be well pleased to see the faces of my old acquaintances who may happen to be this way.
Louisville, April 3 E. M. P.

#2 April 22, 1843
Universalist Books In Louisville
For the Information of our friends in Louisville and vicinity, as well as those visiting the City, from the South and West, I would say that most of the Universalist publications may be purchased at Br. G. Chapin's store, on the N. W. Corner of 8th and Market Sts. (titles of books deleted by poster).
br. Chapin is also Agent for most of the Universalist periodicals. Recollect, he is on the corner of Market and 8th sts, having removed thither from the corner of Market and 7th, where he formerly kept. - EMP

The Convention in Warsaw, Ky - In the call for a Convention to meet in Warsaw, on the 11th of May, nothing was said about the number of delegates to be chosen by each Society. As each society sends (lines torn) Associations, generally, it is well and proper to send that number in this case.
Where societies can be formed, between the present time and the time of the meeting proposed, so as to be represented in the formation of the Convention it is earnestly urged on the believers so to do; for the Societies in Kentucky, are now "few and far between". Brethren! wiil you not think of this? - EMP

#3 April 29, 1843
no Southern news

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