Thursday, December 06, 2007

Augustus C. Bowers - part 2

If you noticed in my previous post on Augustus C. Bowers, that while I mentioned his ownership of a Manford debate book and his pasting of Manford's monthly pages in that book, I carefully didnt mention if he was an Universalist - frankly because I wasnt sure. Owning a book doesnt make one an Universalist.

Now I am sure. Not only was he an Universalist, he was an Ordained Universalist Minister! ordained in 1892, in the minister's listing from 1892-1908+ subscriber to Manford's Monthly in 1899. As far as I know, he didnt do any preaching other than missionary work - no Universalist church at Johnson City, Boone Creek, Grey, et al at that time.
No kin to Rev. J.M. Bowers of Canon Georgia - and publisher of the Universalist Herald.

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