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Star In the West May 1843


VOLUME Vi NO. 6 May 20, 1843

Louisville Ky, has between 25,000-30,000 residents. Churches are 2 Episcopalians, 3 Presbyterians, 2 Roman Catholic, 3 Methodist, 1 Unitarian pastor there is Rev. Heywood who recently replaced Rev. Clark), 1 Cambellite, 1 German Methodist,1 English and1 German Lutheran, 2 Baptist, 1 Jewish Synagogue and 1 Universalist Church.
"some years ago" Theolopius Fisk preached here a few times in an amphitheater. An Union church for Unitarians and Universalists was built, which the Unitarians took control of. 5-6 years ago, Wadsworth lived in Louisville, publishing the BUREAN until his death. Br. Dean came to town, and started a new Universalist Church , buying a building on Chapel St (a former Episcopalian Church). this was at the lower end of town, 2 squares below the gaslights. There were problems and the church suspended, and Br. Dean moved to Illinois. Brother Kelso came to the city in Jan or Feb (of 1842) and restarted services in the Chapel Street church. Brothers Rogers and Gaylord preached, and around November (of 1842), Enoch Pingree was invited to be the minister, and he moved to Louisville on April 1, 1843. they begin a building fund to build a church in a more central part of town. Anti-universalism sermons were preached in other churches and Rev Pingree responded by preaching responses several times a a week at various locations in the city(article by Pingree)

Pingree responds that despite the libels of Rev Crane, Rev Peck, and Matthew H. Smith; the "grocery store" owned by G. Chapin in Louisville; sells groceries and Universalist books. It has never sold alcohol, and indeed Brother Chapin does not drink himself. this is response to a question by J. L. C. griffin in the NAZZARENE (
blogger: I'm not sure when Griffin became an Universalist)

correction: Pingree states that the community he reported last month as Wilke's Creek, Ky is actually Welch's Creek, Ky. An Universalist Society had been organized there some months ago.

George Roger's new hymn book is being used in the church in Louisville.

subscribers include someone from Hardin's Tavern, Va, Fleminsburg, Ky and E.R.Smith Centerville Ky.

Volume VI # 7 May 27, 1843
Formation of the Kentucky State Convention
Thursday Evening of last week, held at Warsaw Kentucky lasting to Sunday. while only two societies sent delegates, they undertook the buisness of founding a convention.

"Dear Brother: I write a few lines to inform you that the doctrine of universal love is gaining considerable with us. We have two young men, sons of old Father James Phelps who have commenced preaching the doctrine of the world's salvation with considerable success. - they have formed a little society in butler County, Ky, with something over 30 members, and have built a meeting house which will be finished in the course of the summer. On next Sabbath they will hold a sacramental meeting for the first time. we have the right to rejoice seeing the spirit of Enquiry is aboard and the whys and wherefores are enquired after, and the doctrine of endless misery must cease with intelligent minds.
Jacob Miller; Carneyville Ky, May 11, 1843"

Brother Byington will preach at Bank Link, Kentucky 2nd Sunday in June

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