Friday, August 10, 2007

books I have

I've been doing some work on semi-southern Universalist history.
folks who left the south and became Universalists in the midwest, and even a gentleman who was a professional musician in the 1920s-1950s whose legal middle name was "D B Clayton" and who's grandparents were Georgia Universalists....

but today and continuing I'm going to list some of the Universalist bookince the merger.
s and booklets I have.
This will include only material prior to merger and historical books
I'll list about 6 at a time. this should have least give me something to put here on a regular basis....

A BOLD EXPERIMENT: THE CHARLES STREET UNIVERSALIST MEETING HOUSE; Maryell Cleary, editor; Meadville Lombard Press; 2002 - this is the story of the Charles Street Meeting House, 1949-1980; the organized attempt to move the Universalist Church into a religion of one world. IN PRINT, History

THE SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF UNIVERSALISM; Clarence R. Skinner; Universalist Publishing House (Murray Press); 1915 - "How to transform this old earth into the Kingdom of Heaven - that's the primal question." One of the first books on the "New" Universalism....

A SERIES OF LETTERS IN DEFENCE OF DIVINE REVELATION; Hosea Ballou; Dodo Press reprinting of the 1820 edition. This is really the group of letters between Ballou and Abner Kneeland that for a brief time kept Kneeland in the Universalist Pulpit. IN PRINT

BIBLE THREATENINGS EXPLAINED; J. W. Hanson; Universalist Publishing House; 1888 reprint of the 1878 edition. "Passages of Scripture Sometimes Quoted to Prove Endless Punishment Shown to Teach Consequences of Limited Duration." Hanson did quite a few of these - available as an e-text on web

A SERIES OF LECTURE SEMRONS; Hosea Ballou; A.Tompkins; 1848; 3rd edition revised by the author. as titled.

A CLOUD OF WITNESSES; J. W. Hanson; The Star and The Convent" 1880 - quotes from non-Universalists attesting to universalim; an admitted updating of the author's 25 year old WITNESSES TO THE TRUTH.

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