Sunday, July 29, 2007

Manford's 1865

Manford's Monthly Magazine
(on the front page known as Manford's New Monthly Magazine)
volume 9 #4-7 September - December 1865

Not much about the southern Universalists in these issues -
the American Civil War ended in June of that year in the then west - and Universalists were just starting to slowly rebuild.
indeed the only thing is these issues concerning the southern Universalists was an exploratory meeting to determine if there was a need and desire for a General Meeting of Universalists, Northwest. J. D. H. Corwine of Kentucky was named to the committee on correspondence. (meeting held on September 5, I do not see that Corwine actually attended).

This reinforces my feeling that Kentucky was really part of the Midwest Universalists.

There was an ad in all issues for the "Mystic Star" a monthly Mason magazine by Chaplin and Billings. I suspect strongly that this Billings was the future Texas Universalist.

there is a story (article?) by the late George Rogers - "An Old Settler's Narrative" - I have no idea if true or not, or a reprint or not.

The saddest thing is a mention that George W. Depler, an Universalist from Fort Wayne Indiana, was trying to find his son, age 12 - who joined the military and had not been heard of since the Siege of Atlanta. G.W. Depler's wife was extremely grief stricken.

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