Monday, August 13, 2007

Roe in Guntersville Al

When I first saw that Guntersville Alabama had three (count them 3) Universalist Preachers in the 1880s, I was flabbergasted. What a hotbed of Universalism, I thought.

It was fairly easy to find information on one of them: Spencer Chambers
- not that easy to find information on another (also named Spencer Chambers! and apparently a nephew). And impossible to find information on the third - a "Thomas K. Roe".

The other day while spending time recovering from whatever illness I had; I looked at the census for the entire county of Marshall, Alabama - for the 1870-1900 period - to discover NO Thomas K. Roe in the entire county. Hmm. A shy person who didnt want his name on the census?

Now, "Roe" is a good fine name -- and many folks in the late 1800s changed their spelling to "Rowe", also a good fine name... No Thomas K. Rowe in the county either. Indeed there is only one Thomas Roe who seems to fit by reason of age - a Thomas W. Roe... This Roe is related by in-law-ship to the Chambers. Makes his a suspect - but not proof of course.

Oh, this family of Roes originated from SC - and ties the Orangeburg and the Chester Roes together neatly -- and seems not to be any kin to the eastern NC Roes/Rowes.
I should mention that while I havent connected them exactly - the Coleman's of Feasterville do appear to be connected to the Roe/Rowe's of eastern NC.

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