Friday, April 28, 2006

Mobile Alabama 1846

Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate
volume 17 #2 Utica, NY January 9, 1846

By a letter in a late number of the CHRISTIAN MESSENGER from Br. I. D. Williamson, we learn that he is again at Mobile preaching the gospel of universal grace to the people of the South; and on account of his state of health (an asthmatic complaint) will probably remain there. --The Church that his friends lately purchased and paid for was found to have a prior claim on it to that of the society of which it was purchased; and the "uncertain law" has decided that the claim is good. Hence our friends have got to pay for it AGAIN, before their title will be good. Well Br. W. says the money, some $3000 is mostly raised for the purpose, and thinks the Universalists will still secure by again buying the house. We hope so.

D.S. ((note: Rev. D. Skinner))

other notes: the Christian Messenger was a NYC paper -