Wednesday, April 12, 2006

getting ready for mississippi

some people pack clothes, check their car's engine and tires, to get ready for a trip. Me? I read a book or two! Getting ready for Mississipi, Ive read the "Civil War in Mississippi" (no major battles near Ellisville); I've re-read D. B. Clayton's autobiography (no mention of services near Ellisville), Im currently reading "Disloyalty in the Confederacy" as a prelude to reading "The Free State of Jones" (no known Universalists mentioned in the index - although the Herringtons and the Duckworth family are mentioned (but they're both large families). As some of you may or may not know, there has long been the story that Jones County Mississippi during the civil war allegedly suceded from Mississippi and started their own republic -- while I wont get much knowledge of Mississippi Universalists from reading this, I should get some of the history of the area when the Universalist church was founded. Later I will re-read parts of "the Larger Hope" dealing with Mississippi in the 20th century. I already know that one of the Strain(s) was preaching nearby before the founding of the "Our Home" church... the 1933 and 1934 yearbooks list 4 Universalist churches in Mississippi, three near Ellisville! However none of those three had responded to requests for information during the height of those depression years, Burrus, Our Home, and Ellisville, Names like Kirkland, Herrington, and Collins. Preachers in Mississipi in the 1930s - John David Morris, of Laurel - ordained 1908.

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Library Lady said...

How about trying Mississippi in Africa by Alan Huffman? The story of slaves given the freedom to return to Africa, prior to the Civil War, through a Natchez slave owner's will. Filled with hope of a better life with freedom.