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What the Universalist Church is Doing 1907-1909

this is "an illustrated Compendium of Information Relating Chiefly to the Years 1907-1909"
complied by the General Superintendent William McGlauflin.

"Faith working through Love"

I need to get my scanner working as this includes a picture of the "Universalist Headquarters in Canon, Georgia" a two story building with equipment costing $5,500. Home of the Universalist Herald, Rev. John M. Bowers, editor and propereitor; and the headquaters of the district Supervisior, Rev. J.M. Rasnake

The National Council of Superinendents are pictured, Rev A. G. Strain of Ariton, Alabama.
Rev C. W. Hilstren of Hopkinsville, Ky. Rev L.R. Robinson of Harriman, Tenn, Rev Thomas Chapman of Clinton, NC. The 25 state superintendents include Rev. J. M. Rasnake of the Canon Georgia District, Rev John S. Cook in South Carolina.
Chatanooga, Tenn got their first pastor.

the Women's National Missionary Association surports a Home Mission and church extention movement at Durham NC - Rev W.O. Bodell in charge.

the Young People's Christian Union has led missions in Harriman, Tenn, and Atlanta Ga.
it's convention in 1894 in Harriman, Tenn was the first National Universalist meeting in the south. Its 1900 convention in Atlanta was the second.

The Junior Young People's Christian Union was founded in Harriman, Tenn in 1894 by Mary Grace Canfield, who was its first superintendent.

Universalist Herald is a weekly - Devoted to Temperance, Moderation and reasonable interpertaion of Religion.

there are two other southern universalist papers
the Colored Universalist, edited by Rev. Joseph Jordan of Suffolk, Va
and the Universalist Bulletin, published in South Carolina!

New Church buildings include
Tarpon Springs, Florida - the old building burned in 1908, new building and parsonage
Camp Hill, Alabama - 263 members

New Parsonage include
Canon, Ga

Mission work includes
Rev Richard M. Smith working in Montgomery, Al
Rev. J. Wyatt in North Georgia
Rev Leonidas A. Lowery in South Georgia
Rev W. O. Bodell in Durham, NC - working for WNMA
Rocky Mount, NC - planning to build, owns lot
Pink Hill, NC - Union of Universalists and Unitarians in 1908, own building
Chattanoga, Tn - organized 1907
Newberry, SC - building parsange

pictures include: the 1907 Outlaw's Bridge NC building; Burruss church in Hamburg, Florida,
Clinton, NC church building

missionary work in Suffolk, Va; Co-operative Church in Cuba,

and news flash: October 1909 committee exists to build a church to honor S. H. Quinn in the south - among the members were the southern supers and: Mrs. M. O. Winstead, NC; W. Crouch, WVA; John S. Cook, Newberry SC (new super); W. M. Conine, Al; Mrs. T. C. Credile, Fl; and Rev Ahalia L.J. Irwin, NY

besides Cook mentioned above, another new super is Charles P. Hall of Penasacola, Fl.

Mississippi NWMA state convention founded.

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