Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Going to various U Churches - part 1 introduction

Today, I had planned a crazy plot of going to Red Hill Universalist, near Clinton NC
hearing the service there, and then heading fast back to Florence SC UU and hearing the service there (eating lunch in the car) . The Florence folks would appreciate that, as we have the hymnals.....

We've been to Red Hill a couple of times, usually making a day trip of it;
but I had heard that someone was going to be doing a talk on a topic I was highly interested in.
So I wanted to go. And didnt want to not fullfill my responsiblities to my local church either.
(note that important word: responsiblities)

The topic I was interested in, was made smaller, and a new - more important topic added -
and I still wanted to go.

But this morning, I woke up - sinsus were bad, head was throbbing, and I just knew we couldnt drive all those miles and then drive all the way back with no break ...

So my SO looked at me with amazement when I said that "it doesnt make much sense to go, does it?" And as the time approaches 10 AM, I feel bad that Im not at Taylor's Bridge, getting ready to discuss the sunday school lesson....

... at least I will be going to an UU service later today....

Ya know there are people who dont want to go 10 minutes to their local church - why do i go 30 -45 minutes (one way) to mine, and why would I litteraly spend hours going to 2-3 other churches?

Not going to provide an answer in this introduction,
(of course, that's why its an introduction!)

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