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Debate annoucment from 1886

(Athens Georgia) " Weekly Banner Watchman " for Tuesday June 1886 (date 15th)


      A debate between Rev D. B. Clayton, of the Universalist Church,  and Elder S. S. Landrum, of the Church of Christ, will be held in the Academy, Jug Tavern, Ga., July 7, 1886.
     Proposition For Discussion:
     1st.   The Scriptures teach the final holiness and happiness of all mankind.
     Clayton affirms;  Landrum denies.
     2d. The Scriptures teach that those who die in willful disobedience, of the Gospel, will suffer endless punishment.
     Landrum affirms;  Clayton denies. 

2012 editorial comment: 
    Jug Tavern is now the city of Winder. It was known as Jug from 1793 to c1803, Jug Tavern starting in c1803. It was incorporated in 1884, and became the city of Winder in 1893. 
   The Academy was created in 1880, and at some point, apparently around 1887, it became a public school, and continued at the same site until 1938. A historic marker is all that remains of the school.
    It is less than three miles from the Mulberry Grove Universalist Church.

   S. S. Landrum was a preacher for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).     He is known to have preached at the Antioch Christian Church near Watkinsville, Georgia during the years of 1886 - 1907, as well as founding the Christian Church in Winder in 1881.  Living in Tampa. Florida in 1907, and  then moved to Texas.  Preaching in Missouri in 1905, he was called a "Southern Evangelist".  
    So therefore likely a fine debate between him and D. B. Clayton, the Universalist Southern Evangelist.

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