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Americus, Georgia Universalist Church

  Church of the Redeemer, Universalist Church, Americus, Georgia

There had been Universalist Churches in Ellaville (14 miles from Americus),  Plains (10 miles), and Gum Creek (about 20+ miles, near the current GA Veteran Memorial State Park, west of Cordele).
The Plains church died during the civil war, and never re-started.

Rev Dr. L.F. W. Andrews lived in Americus  in the 1870s.

Items from the Americus Ga papers from the late 19th Century to early 20th Century.

ATR   = Americus Time-Recorder
WSR - Weekly Sumter Rebulican

1870 two Universalist Churches in area (Ellaville and Gum Creek)
1870 September 9  WSR LFW Andrews to hold three day meeting in Senoia, Georgia
1871 September 22 WSR LFW Andrews new paper from Columbus, Georgia:  the Christian Crucible, attracting notice.
1874 June 19 WSR LFW Andrews demands correction from Rev Fackler, who in Americus, called
Universalists thieves, gamblers, and drunkards.
1875 July 31  WSR  the ladies of the Universalist Church are having the same "eating station" as last year.
The paper admits they don't know what an eating station is. 
1884 June -August WSR    M.B. Pickett does a series of articles about education in the 1840s in Plains of Dura Schools, some of which were founded by Universalists.

1899 March 31 ATR Rev QH Shinn to preach here this week for three days.  Mrs. A. K. Schumpert and Miss A. L. Pickett correspondents
1899 May 26 ATR  Rev QH Shinn will preach at City Hall on Friday, on his way to preach at two services
at Ellaville on Sunday.
1900 January 5 ATR  Service scheduled this Sunday at Opera House.
1900 January 12 ATR  Well attended meeting at the Opera House, Q. H. Shinn, preacher.  Organization and building planned.
1900 January 26 ATR Rev Shinn will talk on the Orgins of Evil
1900 February 9 ATR Dr Shinn leaves Americus, scheduled  to return in May. Building to start in 3-4 weeks.
1900 March 2 ATR Shinn to preach March 4
1900 June 8 ATR Thomas Chapman to preach twice this week at City Hall.
1900 June 22  ATR  The foundation of the Universalist Church Building is complete.  Building is to start construction.
1900 July 20 ATR  Mrs. A. K. Schumpert goes to the Universalist Convention in Atlanta.
1900 Nov 3 ATR Church building to be dedicated December 7 - 9. Present will be Shinn, Chapman, and Rev D.B. Clayton of Columbia.
1901 March 22  ATR Thomas Chapman, Georgia Superintendent from Atlanta,  is to preach monthly on the 4th Sunday.
1902 May 23 ATR Rev Athalia Johnson Irwin was called to serve the Church of the Redeemer. She declines as she accepts an offer from the Universalist Church in Pensacola, Florida
1902 October 10 ATR  Mr. C.S. S. Horne attends Georgia Universalist Convention
1905 June 16 ATR Stanley Manning starts his new position as minister of the Church of the Redeemer.
He is to preach twice monthly, and also at Pinehurst, Pelham, and Senoia. He is currently staying with
Col. and Mrs. W. A. Dodson.
1905 December 15 ATR Dr Shinn will assist in the ordination of the pastor, Stanley R. Manning.
1906 November 2 ATR  Rev Manning officiates at the wedding of Bessie King and Emmett Cook in Preston, Georgia
1907 October 11 Rev Manning with attend the NC Universalist Convention and the General Conference in Philadelphia, he will return in early November.
1917 August 9  WTR Stanley R. Manning is to preach on "A Constructive Religion for the World's Crisis" on Thursday at the Universalist Church.  He was minister in Americus for two years, and is staying with the

they shared the building with the Christian Scientists in the 1910s
1916-1917 Americus City Directory  112 Taylor occupied by both Christian Scientists and Universalists.
1921 Americus City Directory 112 Taylor occupied by both Christian Scientints and Universalists.
1923 Americus City Directory 112 Taylor occupied by both the Christian Church and the Universalist Church.

    the building was sold to the Christian Church in the late 1920s.

1930  Rev Manning preached again in Americus 
April 1932 Rev Thomas Chapman visits Mrs Shumpert, Miss Pickett, and Mrs Hightower, all still strong

Building sold in the 2000s by the Christian Church to the United Methodists, who in July 2011 were having Spanish language services there.  

Mrs. A.K. Schumpert  would be Sara K. Pickett Schumpert. (1842-1933)   her husband was 30 years older and a successful farmer and "capitalist"  She is his second wife.   He was from Newberry and Prosperity, SC; and she was born in Feasterville SC, the daughter of M.B. Pickett, who moved to Plains (then Plains of Dura), Georgia when she was about 2. 

A.  L. Pickett is her sister Amy Lizzie  (1862 - 1949)

C. S. S. Horne   is Cullen S. S. Horne (1845 - 1929)  His farm covered the land that had been Danville, Georgia, Sumter County, north-west of Gum Creek.

Col W. A. Dodson (1864 - 1923) and Mattie Dodson (1868 -1933),
Lived at 615 Lee Street in Americus. He was a lawyer, politician, and President of the Georgia Senate for one session. In 1917, he and his wife both attended  the Episcopal Church. His wife's family were associated with the Universalist Church in Gum Creek.

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