Thursday, May 10, 2007

SC Convention 1847, Simmons, N. P. Walker

"Bro. S. M. Simons received letters of fellowship as a preacher of the gospel, at a convention recently held in Fearlaville [actually Feasterville], S. C. Bro. S. had previously been ordained by the Baptist denomination, but could no longer conscientiously preach the doctrine of endless misery. He has embraced a better faith, and we trust he will zealously labor in its dissemination."

"Bro. N. P. Walker was ordained at a convention of Universalists, recently convened at Fearlaville [actually Feasterville], S. C. Sermon by Bro. Fuller. Text: "Preach the World."

Universalist Miscellany Volume 4 #5 October 1847 Boston and New York
edited by O. A. Skinner and A. P. Cleverly

This is information is a breakthrough, both for slightly more knowledge on Simons (who lived near what is now Aiken), but more importantly on Walker. Walker is an important person in SC history - because of his founding of the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind (still in existence) two years later. Walker is generally considered to have been a Baptist minister, and I dont suggest (at this time) that we wasnt prior to, or post the 1847 date.

1847 (early Fall) ordained Universalist minister
1849 (Jan 22) founds School for the deaf at Cedar Springs (a former resort) near Spartanburg SC
1855 hires teacher to teach blind students
1856 State of SC buys school and 157 acres
1860 school moves into new building (now known as Walker Hall)
1861 dies from Measles - wife takes over school

Newton Pinckney Walker

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