Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Edgar Halfacre

A few posts ago, I stated that Edgar Halfacre may have served churches north of the Mason-Dixon line. To which
tica9 responded that

Edgar Halfacre served churches in Pensylvania in the 1920's, possibly bit earlier also. That may be where my grandmother knew him as she was in Penn at the same period.

Which is exactly what state that I had found a note about him preaching in. Thanks so much for the that. I would be happy to hear what else you may know about him.

Burried in the Clayton Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church cemetery in Newberry SC. yes, buried in the half acre of Halfacres. He was born to Perry and Hassy Halfacre on March 24, 1881. Graduate of Newberry College in 1907. Ordained as a Universalist minister in 1913. Living still in Newberry in 1918 (where he called himself a "minister of the gospel" on his draft registration form. He was described as medium height, slender built and blue eyes. by 1930 he was back in Newberry, preaching at the family church and farming. He remained single and in 1930 was living with two of his sisters and an Uncle.

thanks again


Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

I was also ordained "to the ministry of the Gospel." Will have to write about that -- and perhaps the Halfacres; know that church well -- some other time.

tica9 said...

Sorry but do not know anything else about him. Just remember my grandmother talking to him (way too much and too long in my memory), including once sitting in the car and them talking under the tree forever. I remember him being tall (I was of course short) and very thin. My grandmother was in PA about 1920 and was back in GA by 1929 or bit before. Would like to know where Edgar served as would tell me the area where my grandparents/mother lived but am fairly sure it was in eastern PA. My mother said the church was nice but not too big and that a woman with a big car and a uniformed choffer paid most of the bills. Was first uniformed Choffer she had seen. These comments are based on memory of 50++ years ago so details are not guarenteed.