Saturday, January 13, 2007

Still digging in history

Everyone once in a while I like to post that I am still working and still digging.

Yesterday (for example), I discovered two names of members of the Universalist Church of Charleston - besides J.L.E. Shecut! It also seems likely that the Church survived past 1859. I hope to give a full report on this later this week (as I may be getting a look at, and copies of documents!)

I've learned a bit more about Rev Westall - who wasn't an Universalist minister as long as he was an Unitarian minister (went to Tufts and switched denominations!) He does appear in various stories by his nephew - Thomas Wolfe. I assume some Wolfe scholar has studied this....


Cleo said...

I think Rev. Westall was at either Asheville or the Universalist church on Pigeon River, west of there; there's a brief article (that I do not now have access to) that I wrote for the Heritage book of Buncombe Co., NC tracing U and U origins in W NC!

SC Universalist said...

thanks Cleo -

I know Westall's history in Mass, better than at NC. His nephew is of course, the famous person!