Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stuff I wont be running

Despite my 140 year gossip the last post, (and needless to say that despite Elizabeth Boatwright Coker's fact turned fiction book, that was gossip and not fact); that I wont be posting 60-70 year old gossip. Even though in this case, I got some scans of this incident from a late 1940s true crime comic book!!!

I have to admit that at first jaw drop, I wanted to post a page or two (and the comic is public domain now, so I could publish it all) -- untill it hit me, that while this was bizarre stuff for me, this was somebody who is still living's next generation relative --- and since it has nothing to do with Universalism ( I dont think this person was Universalist, just their ancestors) ---
-- that I will pass, and will pass on the nortorious lives of anyone born after 1900 -- unless there is an Universalist History reason for including it --

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