Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hosea Ballou - Morning Prayer

Come let us raise our voices high, and form a sacred song,
to Him who rules the earth and sky, and does our days prolong.
Who thru the night gave us to rest, this morning cheered our eyes;
and with the thousands of the blest, in health made us to rise.

Early to God, we'll send our prayer. Make haste to pray and praise,
that He may make our good His care, and guide us all our days.
And when the night of death comes on, and we shall end our days,
may His rich grace the theme prolong of His eternal phrase.

Hosea Ballou - 1808

from a Sacred Harp singing. The words of Father Ballou continue to be sung.
"this morning cheered our eyes" indeed!


Dan Harper said...

Nice. Which singing was this?

Steven Rowe said...

The 2009 National Convention at the First Christian Church in Birmingham.
Its not my video, but I confirmed the location by the stained glass windows.