Friday, October 23, 2009

Pardon while we move ....

Been quite awhile since I posted any history here -
- not because history is dead, indeed i got some interesting stuff in.
A list of sermon topics by Rev Nellie Opdale, when she was preaching
in Maine, etc.

But work has been busy, as well as my upcoming move. (finding a place
to live, etc)
Said move should give me more free time to blog.


Elz said...

Hope the move has gone well, Steven.

SC Universalist said...

you might think that six weeks would have me moved - but while a good start has been made - still moving...
have a place, about 1/3 of the stuff is there - most of the antiques are there - not nearly as much of my miles of books are there -- most of my reference material is there.... and I am here with the cat, dog and 2/3 of the stuff.