Thursday, September 24, 2009

Outlaw's Bridge - the Life Magazine Article

Outlaw's Bridge Universalist Church was featured in an 1944 issue of Life Magazine. That issue is now on Google Books.

(if the link stops working, then go to and search for "Outlaw's Bridge" )

it features the work of Rev Gustav Ulrich, who is said increased the membership of the church to 79 (in a "town" of 94 families). The Church building burned in
1950 - and it's worth reading the story on Outlaw's Bridge Universalist Church website - to see what dedication the members had to save what they could.

(disclaimer: this blogger is related to the founder Julia Kent Outlaw, via her husband, Bryan Outlaw - a very distant cousin)

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fausto said...

Fist Parish (Unitarian) in Milton, Mass., was also featured 2 years later in the June 3, 1946 issue.