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Universalist Society of Mount Olympus, Alabama 1833-1837+

The Herald of Truth issued August 16, 1834, takes a news item from the Southern Evangelist (an Universalist newspaper from Montgomery) and cites the creation of the "Universalist Society of Mount Olympus", mentioning that this is the second Universalist society in Montgomery County, Alabama. Mount Olympus is mentioned in Rev George Rogers book of his missionary travels, where he mentions that it is 16 miles across the River from Montgomery. it's good that he mentions the distance because "Mount Olympus" is a lost town, and is not listed in "Place Names in Alabama" or the US site, Geonames.

we know the church lasted from 1833-1837+ (1833 because services and the building were there a year before the church was organized), 1837 because Rev Rogers preached there.

Preacher is Willis Atkins, who was a former Methodist, and a member of the Mount Olympus community. He rates his own eventual biography on this blog. He died in 1842.

William Townsend (1787 - 1881) born in Georgia, dies in Wetumpka, Alabama.
wealthy - in 1860, had the equivalent of 2007 $1.5 million.

Dr. Thomas Mitchell (1773-1843) born in Georgia, dies in Montgomery County, Alabama. Home was off the Mitchell Creek Road, near Ware (11 miles SE of Wetumpka) . Tombstone stated:
In Memory of Dr. Thomas Mitchell
of Montgomery County, Alabama. Who Departed this life on the 22nd of
November, 1843, in the 66th year of His age, like a full ear of corn
Ripe for the Harvest. It may be truly said of him "An honest man's the
Noblest work of God". In the resurrection according to his faith he will be greeted
With the shouts of a ransomed Universe. When parting shall be no more, God shall be
All in All "For as in Adam all died" And so in Christ Shall all be made alive. "

Mrs. Mitchell (per Rogers) was a member in 1837, as was all of her family.

Ludwell F. Taylor (c1801 - 1842)
brother of Greenwell Wooten Taylor, born in Georgia, moved with parents to Alabama circa mid 1820s, bought land in 1829 and 1831. died in Rock Springs - a community that is between Wetumpka and Tallassee Alabama, about 20 miles east north-east of Montgomery and 11 miles east of Wetumpka. married July 1832 in Montgomery County. in the 1830 and 1840 census.
On the same cenus page as Willis Atkins in 1830.

Greenwell Wooten Taylor (c1805-1852)
brother of Ludwell F. Taylor, born in Georgia, moved with parents to Alabama circa mid 1820s, very well to do, bought land in Texas, but died on the boat between Mobile and Galveston, buried in what is now Danville Texas. Married in Montgomery County Alabama April 1832. in 1850 census . Buying and selling land from 1837 to 1852

"a free colored man and family" -1837- member of Mount Olympus congregation, per Rev. George Rogers.


UUFreespirit said...

Steven, in your research have you run across anything about a Universalist church in my old "stomping grounds" of southwest Georgia...maybe Thomas or Grady County or Cairo? I remember a brief mention of it somewhere.

I know there was considerable activity farther north around Plains, Americus, and Columbus GA.



SC Universalist said...

Cairo Georgia sounds familiar and yes, Plains had a very active Universalist Church.
it wont be for awhile, let me see what I can find out