Thursday, January 01, 2009

Google Maps street views - a tool for history

Google Maps street views are now spreading throughout the rural south - SC has been hit
my yard is pictured with spouse opening up the car door to get in - which we found interesting; it might be disturbing if the address was correctly listed - it isnt. This also means that it wont be perfect for finding locations.

Clayton Memorial in Newberry

as you can see by the deadlink above, its not too useful for linking yet either.

I have used it to look at the old Shinn Memorial in Tennessee - the Baptist Church now there has apparently taken good care of the old building.

Neither Red Hill nor Outlaw's Bridge have been googlemaped yet - Mountville cemetary is a block or so away from the one road with a streetview. Bethel is far far from a streetview.

Looking at the old Universalist Church site near the intersection of Harris and Peachtree in Atlanta, we see that it's now the height of Atlanta downtown.

this tool will be more useful as more roads are traveled....,

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