Friday, September 28, 2007

Charleston SC Universalist

I last wrote about the Charleston Universalists in January 2007.

since then, I now have the Charleston Universalists still around in 1860 (looking to hire a new minister). This is close enough, that we can basically say that the Church lasted until the war.

As for the No Hell cemetery - I have a possible cite of a "Elizabeth Roberts" who died on September 12, 1838 and buried in September 13, 1838 in the "Universalist Yard". that would suggest on the lot on what was Anson and Laurens. I have no idea if they were removed after the war, or remain there. Anybody here with a good source of Charleston cemetery books?

Rev John Gregory (1810-1881) was minister and editor of the "Southern Evangelist" for a year around 1838.

Governor J. L. Wilson (1784 -1849), I see the Methodists slam him as an Universalist in a Methodist history book in the late 1800s, with an amusing story where he discovered his pastor in a local bar and had a drink with him. Good thing Wilson wasn't upstate with the teetotaler Universalists. The teetotaling Methodists weren't amused. I see in a mason book a letter from Wilson to Rev Albert Case. I suspect that all the Charleston Universalists were masons.

and the 1827-1829 Charleston Trinitarian Universalist book, "the Evangelists Manual" is on google books now.

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