Thursday, November 23, 2006

My bad month

Two weeks ago, a member of our tiny UU Congregation died, and his wife
asked me to do the funeral and eulogy - with my wife, Sharon,'s help I
did so
We discovered that Sharon's father was in the hospital in Thailand,
prognosis unknown (he is still in the hospital, prognosis better)
A friend emailed me telling me that he was dying and asking me to take
over one of his projects.

last week, my car was damaged in the undercarriage to the tune of
$2000 - the adjuster still hasnt been to see it - I live in an area
with no mass transit, so ive been getting a ride to work, eating
lunch in the office, and walking home at night.

Wednesday my mother didnt answer her phone, so we went down and
discovered she had had a massive stroke - prognosis still not good.

Today - I recieved an email that my friend had died earlier today of
a heart attack

I am sending this out, not because Im looking for sympathy; Indeed as
I read this I'm thinking of a a sermon by Rev Tutlle of Minneapolis
in the 1890s, where he quoted a sick man who said "I cant complain -
of my 53 years, I had 50 of excellent health".
Instead I am just thinking out loud about the fraility of life and the
importance of compassion and love. Of focusing on what is important
and not on what is not. Of not complaing when we could be celebrating

(and of course on living wills, and wondering who should get my
collection of Universalist and UU books!)

best wishes to all
Steven R


Anonymous said...

Love and strength to you, colleague

Chalicechick said...

You're in my thoughts, Steven.