Friday, October 21, 2005

1944 AUW North Carolina report part 2

North Carolina Special Service

Hymn: Make Channels for the Streams of Love
- from Hymns of the Spirit, p 276.


Dear God, and Father of us all, be near to us this day as we mediate upon this work which we have elected to share in our sister state of North Carolina. Clear our minds of any foolish thought of patronage, or of gripping needs too different from those to be found in our towns and cities the world around. Fill us only with the keen desire to so conduct our program of religious and social service that the seeds which so avidly took root under the teachings of the Yankee peddler, Father Clayton, Father Cahpman, Dr. Shinn, and others of their day, may be brought to lovely flowering in our own time. We pray for Thy blessing upon those who serve us there - that they may have strength of purpose, wise foresight, humility of heart., We pray also for ourselves - for our strength of purpose in extending Thy Kingdom; our own foresight in anticipating the work that lies ready to be done in the name of Universalism; our own humility in lending a helping hand, and doing it cheerfully, gladly. Grant that out of these deliberations, brief tho they may be, there shall come a clarion call to each of us asking: "What am I doing to extend the work of my church beyond my own community? " And in that question, humbly answered, may we experience the dedication to our specific task. Amen

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