Saturday, September 17, 2005

1944 AUW North Carolina report part 1

THE DIAMOND JUBILEE NUMBER of the THIRD ANNUAL YEARBOOK of the Association of Universalist Women (1944)

the AUW was known as
The Women's Centenary Association (1869-1905)

The Women's National Missionary Association (1905-1939)
The Association of Universalist Women

projects during this year: Clara Baron Birthplace Memorial, North Carolina, Project in China ("replacing the static work in Japan"), American Mission to Lepers

"The work in North Carolina became the responsibility of The Women's National Missionary Association of the Universalist Church, now the Association of Universalist Women, in 1912, when by a vote of the Universalist General Convention, now The Universalist Church of America, it became apparent that denominational aid to the parishes inNorth Carolina was to cease. Believing that assistance should be extended until those struggling churches should be in a position to finance themselves, the Association voted to accept the responsibility for an indefinite time.
Unde rthe women's organization, some of these churches have been able to carry on programs of real significance. One has built up a rural community program centered in and around the church. One has made possible a country nursing service and maintained its own nurse until war-time demands for nurses made it impossible to fill a vacancy. One of the city churches carries on a very large Day Care Center. Other parishes boast their own unique services.
the Association of Universalist Women holds title to the church of Rocky Mount, built by The Women's National Missionary Association of the Universalist Church in 1927 at a cost of approximately $18,000, and to Friendly House, built in 1925. Title to other property is held in the parish or by the North Carolina State Convention.
The budget for 1943-1944 calls for $6,200.00; medical work $2.059.20"

further five page special north carolina service coming up!


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