Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rev. D.B. Clayton

Daniel Bragg (D. B. ) Clayton was born in what is now Woodruff, SC. He grew up in a Baptist household, converting to Universalist after reading Universalist newspapers and hearing SC circuit riding Universalist minister Allen Fuller preach. He was ordanined by Fuller and took over the circuit, when Fuller moved west.

In the late 1840s, Clayton himself moved west; settling in Mississippi.
During the war, his home and library were burned down, and Clayton returned to SC.
After the war, he owned a hotel in Columbia, and preached part time.

In 1880, he moved to Atlanta to edit a new Universalist paper started there.
He returns to Columbia a few years later, and except for a short time living in Cash's Depot; he spends the rest of his life in Columbia. Well the rest of his life where he is not a traveling Universalist missionary that is. Father Clayton goes to preach in Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessese, North Carolina - and even once as far west as Texas.

In 1906, getting ready to head to the train station to head to Greenville, NC; he suffered a heart attack and died.

at one time, he had two Universalist Churches named for him, the one in Newberry SC still lives.

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